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New Release Resources

Do you have a new release coming up? Wondering how to keep everything organized and on track?

The Writing Raven FREE New Release Checklist can help! From book preparation, blog tours, and graphic design, to formatting and marketing, keep yourself on track with the details and make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps.

 **BONUSES include Blog Tour Checklist, Facebook Party Checklist, and Free Advertising Links.

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Breaking Down the Beats + Timeline

Establish a simple timeline for writing your story to help you stay on track and see the “big” picture for how long it will take. Then, set the pace of your story by outlining your story’s major beats (where and how action shifts). This will show you where you should focus more of your time and keep you on schedule with your writing timeline.

For more in-depth help with plotting and beats, check out the Writing Raven: 15 Beats of a Novel Worksheet.

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Book List For Learning to Write

Want to study writing and learn more about business and marketing? Add these helpful books to your reading list.

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