Writing Raven


Brainstorming Consultation Package

Are you a bona fide pantser? Are you stuck at the midpoint of your novel? Do you need help coming up with more interesting characters?

I’m USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans, and I’ve had years of experience plotting, developing characters, and creating hooks for my own books and series, as well as helping other authors with theirs.

Some of the best ideas have come while brainstorming with my writing partners, coaches, and colleagues.

During a 60-minute phone consultation, I can help you nail down your theme, your characters’ internal and external motivations, or discuss ways you can increase the conflict for them from that key opening scene until the final image.

It’s your call—literally—even if you simply need a shot of motivation or someone to cheerlead you and tell you that you CAN finish that scene, that story, that series. I’m here to do just that.