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Emerging from the Dark – No surrender

This year, Writing Raven Author Solutions is breaking down the 15 beats of writing a bestselling novel based on the three-act structure for you.

Your poor protagonist lays battered and beaten after their “Dark Night of the Soul” from Blake Synder’s 15-beats outline.

What happens now? Will they climb out of the abyss or surrender?

The 13th beat provides the crucial spark that reignites your main character’s fire. This is the moment when he or she finds the inspiration and resolve to keep fighting.

As an audience, we’re invested in seeing them overcome, and this beat breathes new life into their efforts – and into us as we cheer them on.

Often this spark comes from a nugget of wisdom pulled from the story’s “B-Story” or subplot line.

Perhaps it’s the words of a mentor or loved one that stuck with them.

Or an epiphany sparking a new perspective or strategy.

Or a symbolic piece of advice they initially missed now clicks into focus.

Regardless of the source, this spiritual and emotional renewal gives them the self-belief and tools to attack their goal from a wiser, revitalized place.

Example: In Star Wars, after Luke’s shattering realization that Vader is his father, Obi-Wan’s spirit appears, and his B-Story teachings allow Luke to let go of his anger and find purpose again. His renewed commitment is “I’ll never join you!” – signaling his third-act battle.

Your Turn

Your protagonist is in the depths of despair. What B-Story wisdom or inspiration could reignite their commitment? How does the advice provide the psychological key they were missing to unlock their potential?

Draft a No Surrender scene. Let them remember the advice/epiphany from Act 2 and vow to themselves (or a mentor figure) about re-committing to their goal.

Visualize how their body language, inner dialogue, and tone change from deflated to standing tall. Show us why this moment matters.


The Break Into Act Three is the payoff to all the heartache endured in the second act that makes the protagonist’s pain feel deeply meaningful. Use it to rekindle their spirit in a way that makes us eager to follow them into the third-act firestorm.

Cheers to Your Journey (and Theirs),

The Writing Ravens

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