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Happy New Year From the Writing Raven Team

Happy new year! Is 2023 the year you’ll finally write your book? 

It’s exciting, and probably a bit daunting, isn’t it? You have 365 days to work on that novel, or non-fiction project your heart has been dreaming of, yet where do you start? How do you find the time? What if your writing sucks?

Everyone has a book in them, yet, the Doubt Demons love to rear their heads and scare you away from even trying. Each time you sit at the keyboard, your mind freezes up. Your imagination deserts you. If you manage to get a few words on the page, you read them over and immediately delete them.

Sound familiar?

We’re here to shield you from those self-sabotaging thoughts and to gently guide you back to your keyboard. To remind you that those demons are all bark and no bite. You can do this!

We ALL need coaching and support on our writing journey. Lay a solid foundation for your dream right now by arming yourself with the tools you need. 

What’s one of the best things you can do? Have a plan!

If you were going on a trip from New York to San Diego, you’d use a map to route the way, right? When it comes to writing a book, regardless of the genre, or if it’s fiction or non, you need a map with the best route laid out at the beginning. 

It’s a new year and you have the tools and the coaching (us!) to help you make the blank screen your friend, not the scary unknown. Grab the worksheet, fill it out, and feel the sense of relief that you have a map for the coming months at your keyboard. It will save you time, so you can get to the meat of your story, and it will keep you on track to finish your book in 2023.

To your writing success!

The Writing Ravens