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False Victory or True Clarity? The Crucial Role of the Midpoint

This year, Writing Raven Author Solutions is breaking down the 15 beats of writing a bestselling novel based on the three-act structure for you.

Ah, we’ve reached the Midpoint of our 15-beat outline. This marks the exact center of your story.


Picture your story as a roller coaster ride. The midpoint is that crucial moment when the coaster reaches its hiiiighest peak before plunging into the thrilling descent.

The Midpoint is a critical juncture where the protagonist faces either a false victory or a false defeat.

This pivotal moment heightens the stakes for the main character, giving them clarity on the conflict.

In addition to resolving certain elements from the story’s first half, the Midpoint sets the stage for mirrored elements in the second.

Often, a ticking clock is introduced at this point, adding tension and urgency to the narrative.


Visually, the Midpoint is often one of the most impactful scenes, showcasing significant revelations that propel the story forward.

During this beat, your Main Character should experience an “aha” moment or a moment of truth. It’s here that the lessons they’ve learned in Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2 crystallize into a tangible plan of action.

To solidify your understanding of the Midpoint beat, let’s try an exercise:


1. Pinpoint the exact middle of your story.

2. Does this Midpoint bring a false victory or a false defeat for the main character? Try both to see which amps up the tension.

3. Is there a ticking clock or another element that heightens urgency? If not, how can you add one?

4. Is there at least one major revelation that changes your MC’s grasp on the conflict?

By mastering the Midpoint beat, you’ll inject your story with tension, and momentum.

Buckle up – the downhill ride is about to pick up speed!

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