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Don’t Skip The Fun and Games

This year, Writing Raven Author Solutions is breaking down the 15 beats of writing a bestselling novel based on the three-act structure for you.

As writers, we’re taught to build up conflicts, raise the stakes, and keep the dramatic tension taut throughout our narratives. But even the most gripping stories need periodic reprieves—enter the crucial “Fun and Games” 8th beat.

This beat allows your protagonist to explore new relationships, skills, experiences, and situations removed from the central crisis.

It gives both your characters and your readers a much-needed chance to reset and refresh before plunging back into the mounting maelstrom of the main plot.

What does Fun and Games do for your story?

This beat cements important character and story developments in a lower-pressure context before the game-changing Midpoint upends the status quo.

It offers psychological rejuvenation and an embodiment of the “calm before the storm” maxim.

Failing to include this narrative palate cleanser risks leaving audiences fatigued and numb to the stakes.


What do effective “Fun and Games” scenarios look like?

It could be as simple as the romantic leads enjoying a motorcycle excursion, or as metaphorical as a protagonist discovering a new passion project.

Perhaps your detective uncovers a fun new hobby or pursues an artistic ambition.

Or maybe your young adult heroine finds herself bonding with a quirky mentor over shared misadventures.

The key is ensuring a lighter tone and situational detour from the prevailing arcs and conflicts.

Don’t skip giving your characters this crucial respite – let the have some fun.

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