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The Crucial Pinch Point – The 6th Beat in Fiction

This year, Writing Raven Author Solutions is breaking down the 15 beats of writing a bestselling novel based on the three-act structure for you.

The pivotal sixth beat, Break into Act 2, is a crucial moment that delineates your protagonist’s transition from their familiar world into the realm of adventure and conflict.

Like the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” you want to show your MC taking the momentous step of committing to his second act journey.

What is Act 2?


Act 2 is the central portion of the three-act structure in storytelling, following Act 1 (the setup) and preceding Act 3 (the resolution). Conflict unfolds, characters face challenges, and the plot thickens.

Act 2 is characterized by rising action, where tension escalates, stakes increase, and your MC encounters obstacles that impede their progress toward their goals.

Why is Act 2 Essential?

  1. Character Development: Act 2 allows you to develop your MC in response to the challenges they face through their actions and choices.

  2. Conflict and Tension: Obstacles arise, tensions mount, and the MC’s goals are continually thwarted.

  3. Pacing and Momentum: Act 2 drives momentum forward to the climax. It’s a balancing act between escalating the tension and providing moments of relief (scene + sequel).

  4. Plot Complexity: Act 2 also allows secondary characters to enter the picture, adding layers of complexity.


Pinch Point = New Adventure


The Break Into Act 2 beat signifies the protagonist’s acceptance of the challenge laid before them, and marks the decisive turning point where your MC’s choices set the stage for the trials and triumphs that await them.

This scene must reveal their courage, resilience, and motivation.

This beat also introduces stakes and obstacles, setting the stage for the conflicts and dilemmas that will drive the plot forward.


Squeeze your MC to heighten tensionreinforce the central conflict, and continue building suspense.




To harness the power of Break into Act 2, craft a scene where you answer these questions:

What internal conflicts is my main character facing? How can I squeeze them to add more tension?

What motivations are driving them forward?

What external pressures do they face?

What action best represents this new commitment?

Dive into Act 2 with your MC and turn lemons into lemonade!

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