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Top Ten Writing Tips for Productivity

We are halfway through 2023. How is your writing going? Want to write better, faster? Here are ten productivity tips to help you have a productive summer – and beyond!


  1. Write daily. By committing to frequent practice, you become increasingly skilled at generating ideas, honing your writing style, and maintaining a flow of creativity.
  2. Use a timer and do sprints. This structured and focused approach boosts productivity, builds writing stamina, and bypasses your inner critic. Combine it with Tip 7 to maximize your writing time.
  3. Don’t edit as you go; free write and edit later. Again, bypass your internal editor to get into the flow of your imagination. This allows innovative plots and characters to surface.
  4. Write for your super fan. Writing for the masses is daunting and you know you can’t please everyone. Writing for a fan increases your motivation.
  5. Up the stakes until you can’t up them more. This keeps your readers wanting to know what happens next.
  6. Read, read, read. Immerse yourself in the works of other writers, read books on craft, and broaden your imagination.
  7. Break down big goals into smaller chunks. Writing a novel can be daunting, which may lead to procrastination and a lack of focus, but if you only need to write one scene, that’s doable. Set a timer, like Tip 2 suggests, and free write.
  8. Hire a coach to help with ideas, plots, and for inspiration. You don’t have to do this alone, or reinvent the wheel. A coach can save you time (and your sanity.)
  9. Always have a notebook and pen accessible; or use your phone, to jot down ideas. Even when lightning strikes with the best idea ever for your novel, you WILL forget it if you don’t write it down.
  10. Outline. A good outline is your road map and will save you hours of frustration. You don’t have to stick to it every step of the way – often characters go off script – but if you get lost and can’t find your way back to your plot, an outline will help guide you.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to increase your writing productivity. If you need more help, or would like to set up a coaching call, check out our services! https://writing-raven.com


May your writing be free and easy,

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