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Top Three Tips for Writing Your Author Bio

Your author bio is as important as the content of your book when it comes to promoting your brand.

An effective bio builds credibility with your readers, establishes your expertise in your field/genre, and attracts new fans to your books by showcasing your personality.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time who’s interested in reading your novels. Your bio acts like a calling card, enticing them to learn more about you and feel a connection. What are the key elements that you want them to know?

Introduce yourself. Provide your name, relevant qualifications or any professional experience that coordinates with your brand/genre. Keep it short but brag a little. Tell them about a favorite accomplishment or if you’ve won any writing awards. For example, if you’re a former cop who now writes police procedurals, or you once worked as a chef and now write culinary mysteries, this adds credibility.

Be human. Mention something personal that readers can relate to. A fun fact about yourself,  and any hobbies or interests that are relevant to your writing or will appeal to readers. Have you traveled to any interesting places that have influenced your work? Do you have three rescue cats who influence your cozy mystery series about talking cats?

Finally, be sure to include contact information. Provide a link to your website where readers can find out more about you, your books, sign up for your newsletter, and discover your social media profiles.

If you need inspiration, read the bios of other authors in your genre to understand the pace and flow of a short, yet effective one. Notice key words and concepts that make you want to know more about them. Do they use humor or self-deprecation? Do they have a background that tells you they know their plotlines inside and out? What makes you want to go to their website, one-click their novel, or sign up for their newsletter?

Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to write more than one. Have friends or family read them and tell you which most appeals to them (and why).

Following these tips, you can create an effective author bio that acts as your calling card to readers. It will help you build credibility with your readers, establish your expertise in your genre, and attract new fans to your work.

May your fingers fly over your keyboard,

The Writing Ravens